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SMELLIN da ROSES™, Part 3-Statistics.
(as of 5/21/04 - last day cruising)

Below is a summation of Part 3 (third year) of our America's Great Loop Cruise (AGLC) statistics for the Two J's V.

Days aboard the boat = 24.

Days Cruising versus Days in Port:
20 days of cruising and 4 days in a marina or stationary.
20 cruising out of a total of 24 from Harbortown Marina in Ft. Pierce, FL to the Sassafras Harbor Marina in Georgetown, MD (including first day turn around back to Ft. Pierce due to new engine alarm problem).

Total number of Statute Miles traveled: 1,232.

Average number of miles traveled on cruising days = 61.6

Average cruising speed = 10.13 (including locking and docking time).

Number of Locks traversed = One on Virginia Cut at Great Bridge, VA.

Nights Spent in Marinas: 23 at a total cost of: $ 1,131.51

Nights Spent at Free Docks:= Two

Nights Spent Anchoring out: None

Fuel Consumed (gallons): (gas) = 2,040.5 U.S. gallons ( 1.66 gallons per mile )

Fuel Cost (US dollars) and cost per mile: (gas) = $4,327.18 ( $ 3.51 per mile ).

Average Cost For Fuel: (gasoline) = $ 2.12 per gallon.

Engine Hours: 21.6

Engine Fuel Per Hour: @ 2,040.5 gallons. Gallons per engine hour ( 121.6 ) = 16.78

TWO J's V -- John and Judy Gill