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SMELLIN da ROSES, Part 3-b.

Sunday, 4 through Thursday, 8 April. After leaving Hatboro, the Two J's went to Charleston, NC to attend an America's Great Loop Cruiser Association Rendezvous for three days. We had a wonderful time meeting some 115 attendees, 8 boats who had completed the loop, 16 boats who were on the loop. and others who are still in the planning stages. We gave a panel discussion with two other members about the Chesapeake Bay which was very well received and attended several other seminars. We also conducted seven USPS / USCG Aux Vessel Safety Checks on AGLCA members boats.

Friday, 9 through Monday 12 April. We arrived at Howard and Maggie Daniels home in Vero Beach, FL in time to go to the Vero Beach Power Squadron's Friday night social. We started recommissioning the boat - hooking up water, taking off the dehumidifier and taking a few items down to the boat over the weekend. Monday morning, the marina mechanic came down to finish the tune ups of the engines and heard a bad knock in the port engine. Under load the engine and transmission sounded like someone had loaded a clothes dryer with nuts and bolts and turned it on.

On Monday evening, we gave our Smellin da Roses Part 2 slide presentation at the Vero Beach Power Squadron's monthly meeting with 55 members present. Our presentation went well and the Marge's Barge and Two J's got lots of accolades and many questions. Several guests attended, including one couple who is doing the Great Loop and read the Squadron's news release about our slid show and talk in the local newspaper.

Tuesday, 13 through Friday, 23 April. After checking some of the "obvious" things that could be wrong, it was finally determined that we must have blown the rear main bearing. It's what's known in this part of the country as a "fatal failure" or your engine died. The Two J's V was towed to the travel lift and hauled out on Wednesday morning, the old engine removed and a new long block ordered. The long block arrived on the following Monday, was reassembled (hang on equipment like carburetors, fuel pump, distributor, etc.) and reinstalled in the boat on Thursday - the engine run and tune-up completed. Sea trial was done on Friday -- everything checked out just fine on both engines, and we were back in our slip at Harbortown Marina in Ft. Pierce on Friday afternoon,

Saturday, 24 through Sunday, 25 April. We spent the weekend get settled in and restocked the pantry and refrigerator. We still have to finish up a few things and go grocery shopping, so we may not start cruising North until Tuesday or Wednesday 27th or 28th. We also must stop for an extra day after 10 engine hours to have the oil changed and the new engine checked out. We have made arrangements to do this in Daytona - a short two day run from Ft. Pierce.

TWO J's V -- John and Judy Gill