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SMELLIN da ROSES, Part 2-Terminology.


Below are several nautical terms which we were not familiar with until we started on our Americas Great Loop Cruise adventure. From our logs, how many can you correctly define?


(1) What is a lift lock and where are two of them located?

(2) What is a marine railway and where is one located?

(3) What is called The Ladder and where is it located?

(4) When a lock master points to you and then pats his Shoulder and then points to another boat, what does he want you to do?

Great Lakes

(5) A Well is another name for a __________?

(6) What does Rafting in a marina mean that you will be doing?

(7) What is meant by Surge?

Inland Rivers

(8) What is a Wicket Dam?

(9) What is meant by the Pool Level?

(10) What do the letters RDB and LDB stand for?

11) When a lock master or bridge tender on inland rivers refers to a boat as a
Pleasure Craft a PC or an RV what type of vessel is he referring to?

(12) In a lock, what is a Floating Bollard?

(13) What is a Wing Dam?

(14) What is a Slough (pronounced slew)?

(15) What is a Towhead?”

(16) If a marina or municipal dock says that they only have a Hose Pipe or Hose Pit, what do they mean?

(17) What is an Embayment?

(18) What is Riprap and what is its purpose?

(19) In the South, the word Antebellum refers to ______________?

(20) When a tow boat captain says: “I’ll see you on the ONE or on the TWO”, what does he mean (he could also say: “Meet me on the One or Meet me on the TWO”)?

Gulf Coast of Florida

(21) The term “PASS” refers to what type of channel?

John and Judy Gill
Two J’s V

Howard and Maggie Daniels
Marge’s Barge