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SMELLIN da ROSES, Part 1-Statistics.

(as of 9/4/02 - last day cruising)


Below is a summation of Part 1 (first year) of our America's Great Loop Cruise (AGLC) statistics. Canadian costs calculated at the rate of $0.666 per U.S. dollar. Liters were converted at 3.78 per U.S. gallon.

Days aboard the boat:
Marge's Barge = 131 (26 days from Ft. Pierce, Florida to Chesapeake Bay)
Two J's = 105 days (from Sassafras Harbor Marina - Chesapeake Bay)

Days spent cruising:
Marge's Barge = 90
Two J's = 69

Total number of Statute Miles traveled:
Marge's Barge = 3020
Two J's V = 1935

Days Cruising versus Days in Port:
Approximately 2 days of cruising and 1 day in a marina or stationary.
(69 out of a total of 105 from the Chesapeake Bay)

Average number of miles traveled on cruising days = 28

Number of Locks traversed:
Marge's Barge: 116 plus the Marine Railway at Big Chute ($253.46 U.S. dollars)
Two J's V: 115 plus the Marine Railway at Big Chute ($239.47 U.S. dollars)

Nights Spent at Free Docks:
Marge's Barge: 9
Two J's V: 8

Nights Spent using Parks Canada Seasonal Mooring Pass: 25
Marge's Barge: $156.62 or $6.26 U.S. dollars per night.
Two J's V: $144.58 or $5.78 U.S. dollars per night.

Nights Spent in Marinas:
Marge's Barge: 97 at a total cost of: $3,990.88
Two J's V: 72 at a total cost of: $2,922.39

Nights Spent Anchoring out: None

Fuel Consumed (gallons):
Marge's Barge (diesel) = 1907.8 U.S. gallons (0.63 gallons per mile)
Includes generator use - 168.8 hours.

Two J's V (gas) = 2,327.4 U.S. gallons (1.2 gallons per mile)
Plus 99.8 gallons for generator (ca. 50 hours) at a total cost of $148.79.

Fuel Cost (US dollars) and cost per mile:
Marge's Barge (diesel) = $2,812.61 ($0.93 per mile - including generator)
Two J's V (gas) = $4,720.20 ($2.44 per mile).

Engine Hours:
Two J's V = Port - 254.1; Starboard - 255.3
Gallons per engine hour = 9.13 (includes time at idle going through locks & docking)

TWO J's V -- John and Judy Gill

MARGE'S BARGE -- Howard and Maggie Daniels