To: ALL Interested Parties

SMELLIN da ROSES, Part 1-b.

The Two J's were delayed a bit from our hoped for departure on America's Great Loop Cruise because it took Howard and Maggie a little longer (bad weather and rough seas) to come up the ICW from Ft. Pierce, FL to the Sassafras River on the Chesapeake Bay. It took them over a week to come up the Bay.

The Two J's good friends, Sonya and Bruce Hall (Air Force in Battle Creek) now retired and living in Shelbyville, DE came to the boat on Saturday for lunch, a nice visit and to wish us well on our Great Loop Cruise. Just as we were about to leave to go home on Sunday, Dave and Carol Washko (good friends from R&H and CBC boating club) came by with Champaign, cheese and crackers. Dave wanted to break a bottle of Champaign over our new two-anchor stainless steel bow pulpit, but we drank it instead (we agreed to save the second bottle for Howard and Maggie)!

The Marge's Barge arrived at the Sassafras Harbor Marina in Georgetown, MD on Monday, 20 May about 1:15 PM. Unfortunately they missed the marina's season opening party on Saturday and the Bon Voyage party held for us by the Chesapeake Bay Cruisers (formerly the Outboard Club) on Sunday. We took a cell phone to the party and called the Marge's Barge so that they could talk to everyone who was there.

We finally got under way on Tuesday, 21 May with a short cruise down the Sassafras River, up the Elk River and about two-thirds of the way into the C&D Canal stopping at Summit North Marina. It's too far to go all the way from Georgetown, MD to the South Jersey Marina in Cape May in one day at our 8 to 10 knot cruising speed. We were joined there in the afternoon by Howard and Maggie's daughter Margie and grandchildren Jesse, Terry and Frances who stayed for dinner at the marina's restaurant.

Wednesday (5/22) we got an early start and had calm seas (less than a foot) going across the Delaware Bay to Cape May, NJ. On Wednesday evening we were treated to a free orchestra concert in which Angela's daughter Nicole plays violin. She and the other children did very well indeed! Oh, we should tell you that it was the Lower Township Elementary (grades 5 & 6) School's Spring Concert. Grandparents were proud, granddaughter very happy they could be there and it brought back some memories for Judy who used to play piano for middle school chorus's. We plan to stay in Cape May Thursday and Friday and cruise North on Saturday morning.

TWO J's V -- John and Judy Gill

MARGE'S BARGE -- Howard and Maggie Daniels