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SMELLIN da ROSES™, AGLC Statisitics.
(all three years)

Below is a summation of all three years of our America's Great Loop Cruise (AGLC) statistics for the Two J's V.

Days living aboard the boat = 260.

Days cruising: 165.

Days in a Marina or Stationary: 95

Total number of Statute Miles traveled: 6,724.

Average number of miles traveled on cruising days = 40.75

Average cruising speed = 8.79 statute miles per hour (mileage divided by engine hours - which includes locking and docking time).

Number of Locks traversed = 149 plus one marine railway and 4 wicket dam go-overs.

Nights Spent in Marinas: 221 at a total cost of: $ 8,126.27

Nights Spent at Free Docks:= 13

Nights Spent Anchoring out: One - at Diversion Channel on Mississippi River

Nights Spent using Parks Canada seasonal mooring pass (pass cost: $144.56 USD) 25 nights or average of $5.78 U.S. per night

Fuel Consumed (gallons): (gas) = 8,723.9 U.S. gallons ( 1.30 gallons per mile )

Average Cost For Fuel: (gasoline) = $ 1.99 per gallon.

Fuel Cost (US dollars) and cost per mile: (gas) = $ 17,348.47 ( $ 2.58 per mile ).

Engine Hours: 765.3

Engine Fuel Per Hour: @ 8,723.9 gallons. Gallons per engine hour ( 765.3 ) = 11.40

TOTAL COST OF THE TWO J'S AMERICA'S GREAT LOOP CRUISE: $ 25,619.32 - (does not include, charts, electronic charts & guide books (ca. $3,500), food and entertainment, over wintering expenses (ca. $5,000 over 2 winters), car rentals, additional insurance costs, or repairs).

TWO J's V -- John and Judy Gill
Slip E-26 Sassafras Harbor Marina, Georgetown, MD